It is more than therapy, more than sessions. It’s about compassion, care and healing. I dedicate myself to walk alongside you and provide life-changing therapy.

Agate Therapy

My Goals & Values

My highest priority is to provide a safe, non-judgmental, and empathic space for my clients based on a genuine therapeutic relationship. I aspire to witness your personal mental health evolution and journey towards wholeness. I value trust, openness, unconditional positive regard and instilling hope. Your journey is unique and it is an honor to behold your transformation.

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Beyond Therapy

Are you feeling anxious or depressed? Are you dealing with pain, crises or trauma? Are these experiences and emotions preventing you from connection, success, and fulfillment? If so I am here. I go beyond therapy, my aim is true healing in the body and mind. Healing to reignite and continue life as before.

Beyond sessions, I provide emotional coping skills and mindfulness training to improve your state of mind, giving you the ability to overcome your challenges outside of our one-on-one meetings.


Compassion & Empathy

When challenges and difficulties arise I align with you. I listen to and understand those challenges. I adjoin myself with you in that adversity. Through empathy, compassion and encouragement I help you overcome those difficulties together.

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