Grief & Bereavment

What is the difference between grief and bereavement?

Are you struggling with a breakup? What about losing your job? Grief can be experienced in many other circumstances than losing a loved one. When we lose anything we have an attachment to such as a job, home,  or relationship we can experience a grief response. This intense emotional and physical experience can shake our foundation, core beliefs, and identity in life. As a human being we are connected to and develop meaning with so many things, we often do not consider the effect of losing these attachments until we face their loss.  

Bereavement is the specific grief response related to the loss of a loved one which can include pets. In the case of bereavement every type of loss is different. These nature of these losses can be tragic & unexpected, result from suicide or murder, and chronic disease (among many others). Beyond this, the loss of a child, miscarriage, spouse, and parent each encompass different experiences. It is important that these different types of loss are approached with an openness. I am here to support you through any of these losses.

What is the effect of grief and bereavement?

When you lose a loved one it feels like you have walked through a door and you can never go back; the world keeps turning around you and yet you feel disoriented and stuck in this strange new reality. It is extremely challenging and can feel impossible for you to pick up the pieces, go to work, fulfill social obligations, and find moments of wellness and joy when you are in grief and bereavement.

Grief and bereavement requires a painful and difficult adjustment to a different world. Therapy is an important outlet and tool for those who are struggling to understand and adapt without their loved one or make changes with many other types of loss. 

How I work with grief and bereavement?

I understand that every person experiences grief and bereavement differently. It is so important to me that I make therapy a safe place to express everything that you are feeling. I have no agenda, no timeline, and no pre-conceived notion of how your grief should be. I want to walk with you as you move through the grief and help you rebuild your sense of meaning and direction piece by piece. I am here to listen, understand and validate the difficulties you face.

I want you to know you are not alone and that I will join with you, at your pace, to help you understand your feelings and guide you towards self-compassion, insight, and meaning.

I aim to provide the warmness and safety you need to open up about your loss, your feelings, with no expectations on where or how you “should” be at any point in time.

I am here for comfort

Experiencing grief or a loss can be difficult I am here to listen.