Couples therapy to rebuild trust, intimacy, and communication for a healthy fulfilling relationship. 


Alignment and Balance

All couples face challenges during their journey as they move through the ever-changing and inevitable phases of life. Relationships are not always easy and take effort to perservere through hardship. Whether you and your partner are dealing with trust and infidelity ruptures, lack of intimacy, or one of the many other possible obstacles, therapy can be a key step towards rebuilding. 

My highest priority centers around providing a non-judgmental space to explore, process, and move beyond these barriers. I seek to create a authentic and balanced therapy environment to best facilitate honest exploration so the couple can make the best decision on where to go from here. 


Commitment requires a willingness to sit with unresolved conflict matched with strong resolve to soften your hearts together – Sevin Philips


Relationship and emotionally-Focused

My therapeutic approach focuses on creating congruence between what each person feels and how they communicate while building emotional awareness and insight. Research shows our unique attachment experiences from childhood with early caretakers greatly impacts what we bring into adult relationships. Attachment styles include anxious, avoidant, and secure. Identifying your attachment history and your emotional needs through couples-specific therapy is one of the many ways I work with couples in treatment. 


I Help Couples With










amicable seperation 

Resources for Couples

Support Lines

  • Love is Respect
  • The National Domestic Violence Hotline
  • My Sisters House

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