I build a sound and balanced comradery with men constructed on the basis of respect and understanding.


Care & Respect

It is not uncommon for men to feel expressing emotion and showing vulnerability equate to weakness. From an early age our society, as well as many family structures instill toughness in young boys; to get up and brush it off. This often leads to men rejecting their feelings, managing sadness & anger by pushing it down and turning it inwards resulting in shame, depression, and anxiety. 

The fact is, men and women are equally emotional. I understand that for some men, reaching out for support may be more difficult due to societal and interpersonal expectations. I believe asking for help when you face challenges is actually a sign of immense strength, bravery and wisdom.  

“Words of comfort, skillfully administered, are the oldest therapy known to man.”
– Louis Nizer


Research & Understanding

I value integrating the up to date research and a developmental understanding into my work with men. I cater specific coping strategies and emotional exploration with men in a collaborative manner. I allow individuals to be their own expert in treatment, to identify goals and build a framework for moving towards those goals. 

In my work with men I help normalize feelings and enhance emotional awareness in responses to different life stressors and difficult situations men face, while providing a safe and empathetic framework. I give men permission to feel their emotions through a strong therapeutic alliance and trust. 


I Help Men With













Resources for Men

Support Lines

  • Suicide Prevention Hotline
  • Crisis Text Line                       
    Text CONNECT to 741741
  • Drug Abuse National Helpline     


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