Rogerian Person-Centered Therapy

A safe, empathic, genuine and truly authentic relationship is the foundation of therapy 


What is Rogerian Therapy?

Rogerian Person-Centered is a non-directive approach and places an emphasis on rapport and the authentic connection between therapist and client. Rogerian is the cornerstone of my treatment in therapy. As a humanist and Rogerian therapist, I believe people are inherently wired for positive growth and change. With the presence of safety, non-judgement, empathy, and a genuine relationship with an authentic other we are strengthened and become capable of overcoming life’s challenges. 

 You get to tell your own story at your own pace. You decide your goals for therapy. I learn from your story and your truth as you unfold meaning and gain insights while knowing you are safe to explore vulnerable, painful, and difficult memories and feelings. I have no timeline, no judgement, and no agenda. Therapy is a collaboration between you and I, and an honor to experience together. 


How does it help?

Rogerian Person-Centered Therapy allows you to experience your therapist as an equal and genuine other, so you can safely and more honestly explore your goals in therapy. Through authentic validation and empathy you will know you are not alone as you walk through your therapeutic journey. If you feel your therapist is putting on an act and is not be genuine, you may not be able to dive as deeply within yourself to explore the painful memories and experiences.

Other treatments in my practice such as Brainspotting and Somatic Experiencing can only be truly effective if you feel safe and heard. It is my first and greatest priority that you experience a real and safe relationship with me.   

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